#52Ancestors Week 7 “My Valentine”


Week 7 February 12, 2018

“My Valentine”

By  Marilyn Sears Lindsey

There are millions of men named Charles in the world.  The name comes from the French meaning “free man” and from the German where it is spelled Karl and means “man or army warrior.”  Charlemagne took this last meaning very seriously.  There are 87 men named Charles just in my family tree.

There are many Charles Davids.  David means “beloved.”

There are even some Charles David Lindseys.  Lindsey is from the Scottish and means “Lincoln Island or Lincolnshire or the place of the linden trees.”  It also means “from the Island of Lime Trees.”

But there’s only 1 who stole my heart, who makes me laugh and when I ask him for some help who responds “That’s what I live for.”

I love you, Charles David Lindsey.


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